We want to thank you for coming to our website and looking over the information. It is our desire at Kids of Clay to offer a daycare alternative to the standard daycare experience. Most daycare experiences are not popular and parents are wanting more for their money. We do not and will not operate a daycare that is simply a baby sitting job for 12 hrs a day. We are teachers and ministers who truly love and care for your children.

EnrollmentOur directors have already made leaps and bounds in the improve of Kids of Clay Child Care Center. We have tightened Security by locking all doors to the facility. Access is gained by a door attendant who lets the parents into the building once the door bell is rung. We have installed Cameras in every room to monitor the progress of the children as well as the teachers. Thus farit has been a great success. We have placed our web cams on the internet for viewing with a login id and password. You are able to see your child anytime during the day through the internet. Parents, Grandparents and other family members love this feature. We have Grandparents calling us from Ohio and other states across America wanting to see their Grandchildren. And it only cost an extra $5.00 a week.

Below, you will find our Parent Handbook as well as the enrollment application. Please look through both of them and complete the necessary forms listed in them. Simply return the application, release forms and the signed handbook form in the back of the handbook. Once complete, you should be set to go.

Thank you again for trusting us with your children. I don’t believe you will be disappointed.


The Check List
The Check List
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"I absolutely love this daycare. They are very respectful to any of my wants, needs, and cares. All the recent changes to the center are gorgeous!"

- Ashley Harrod
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